January 30, 2017

Wilma Wong : Love Yourself To Happiness

In this episode, I chat with Mental Performance Coach, Wilma Wong, about what it takes to truly love yourself and find happiness. You don't want to miss this episode! 


Guest Bio: 

Wilma began her journey as a healer by trying to solve one of her own health problems. Since then she has studied EFT, TAT, Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, Healing Codes, Emotion Code, Demartini Breakthrough method, Theta Healing, and meditation---all contributing to her own style of healing, applying the best of each method and tailoring it to the client. Just as no one drug is a perfect fit; no one method is a perfect healing tool.

Wilma has lectured at UCLA, Salvation Army, Junior League of Los Angeles, to name just a few, on different techniques for coping with stress. For more information, please visit her website: WilmaWong.com

Be sure to mention Think Outside the Lines for a special offer on her coaching package!


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