March 19, 2018

Malcolm & Simone Collins: Pragmatist’s Guide to Life - Pt. I

The show is back after a brief hiatus, and I’m so excited to share these new episodes with you! As you know, my mission with this show has always been to help you design and live the life you deserve.

And my guests today want to help you do just that.

Their mission is to encourage self reflection and assist individuals in challenging their most deeply held beliefs without leading them to specific answers.

They’ve written an amazing book called, “The Pragmatist’s Guide to Life”, which helps readers take a deeper dive into self discovery, from the perspective that, “who you are is either who you chose to be or who you have allowed yourself to become.”

They are a married couple, who split their time between Miami and Peru, while running their travel companies.

I had a ton of fun with this interview, and I really think you are going to enjoy our conversation.

And because there is so much insight here, I’m going to share the conversation with you in two parts. So look for part two later in the week.

Its time to think outside the lines with Malcolm and Simone Collins.


Guest Bio

Originally a neuroscientist focused on brain-computer interface and the evolution of human cognition (his work is on display at the Smithsonian), Malcolm Collins felt he could learn more about the way humans interact with the world and each other by pursuing an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. There he met Simone, his wife and co-author, who at the time was Director of Marketing at, managing a team of 20,000 freelancers. Together they co-founded the art commission marketplace, after which Malcolm became Director of Strategy at South Korea's most desired source of early-stage capital and Simone earned her graduate degree from Cambridge while working in VC. The couple now runs a number of travel companies (with a focus on Travelmax), splitting their time between North American headquarters in Miami, FL and South American offices in Lima, Peru.

For information, visit their website:



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