April 11, 2016

Jeff McMahon : Total Body Construction

In this episode, were getting you in shape. Virtually. Join me for an exciting conversation with with Virtual Personal Trainer, Jeff McMahon. 

Guest Bio:

I’ve been a trainer for almost a decade now.  My degree is in Pre-med/Pre-pharm and I am dual certified in exercise science and sports medicine.  My training style is different than most – by in large from my diverse background and expertise.  With a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, certification in lifestyle and wellness, and also doing massage therapy for 3 years; I have helped everyone from weight loss to weight gain – cancer to diabetes – injury rehab to celiac disease – back issues to sports specific training.  So whatever your struggle might be, I’ve got you covered! With over 6,000 different exercises in my playbook, we will never repeat a workout and you will never be bored!

How I got into Virtual Training?  My mom has had health issues since I was born.  I originally wanted to be a surgeon to help take care of her, but being colorblind made that dream impossible.  She had a major stroke when I was a freshmen in college and lost the use of the left side of her body.  Then came breast cancer [twice], brain deterioration, a heart attack.  One day she suggested to me that I should train people online that have suffered strokes and can’t get out of their home.  I thought about it, we tried it with her stroke support group, and then I took that format to the online entrepreneur world.  Basically my mom’s handicap has transformed the fitness world and started a whole new REVOLUTION.  Virtual Training allows people to enjoy exercise in the comfort of their own home, we save time by not having to travel and sit in traffic, we use whatever equipment you have or want to order, and there is that accountability factor that is the key ingredient to results and progress.  With our knowledge of the body, having a nutritionist on staff designing meals for you that meet YOUR needs, TBC is the one stop shop for transforming your life into what you want it to be!

For more information, please visit Jeff's website: totalbodyconstruction.com


In this episode, we discuss:


The Miracle Morning


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