May 16, 2016

Bernadette Dickinson : Deliberately Create Your Life

In this episode, we talk about following your purpose, and creating your life deliberately. Inspiration. Guaranteed.

Guest Bio:

Located in the beautiful Four Corners area just outside of Durango, CO, Bernadette is a well known and admired Psychic, Spiritual Teacher and Success Coach for Life and business.

She has trained and rehabilitated Race Horses, trained and shown Hunter/Jumpers and abused horses since 1986. She was a Marketing/Sales Professional for 20 yrs. As a Professional Psychic and Life Coach for over 16 years, she has a proven track record.

Bernadette has successfully coached thousands of individuals from all walks of life. She has guided clients through every imaginable challenge and past self-limiting beliefs. She is the author of Thirty Days to a Charmed Life and teaches an online course based on the workbook that powerfully transforms lives.

Her lifelong study of world religions and spirituality has fueled her personal faith and inspired her to explore the application of spiritual principles to today’s complicated world. She has juggled the responsibility of single motherhood with the stress of a successful marketing consultant career. Overcoming and besting those daily challenges formed her personal convictions and philosophy.

Doing work as a Medium Bernadette has located missing pets, assisted in missing person and murder investigations, and created a connection of contact with loved ones who have crossed over.

Bernadette provides clients with the understanding, skills and inspiration to powerfully create the lives they desire. Business executives and celebrities seek her advice and coaching, people who refuse to settle for mediocrity and want better.

She has never settled and doesn't want YOU to either.

Today she continues her work helping countless others as we all progress on our own life paths seeking goodness in all areas. She can help and you will benefit.

For more information, please visit Bernadette's website:


In this episode, we discuss:



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